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Introducing Stripy

Geodynamicists from Sydney and Australian National universities have developed Stripy, a software module that allows scientists to efficiently place GIS ‘wrapping paper’ around the spherical Earth ‘present’.

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Explorers unpack Earth’s sedimentary basins

Sedimentary basins around the world are critical to sustaining modern life on Earth. These basins can be thought of as containers that hold water, minerals, energy, and can potentially be used to store carbon dioxide. Unpacking how they form, and where those resources and storage opportunities may lie is a sizeable feat for the best of us...

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Congratulations, Dietmar!

Dynamic. Thinking big. In it for the long haul.

These are three key leadership qualities for any field. But for Dietmar Müller, the award-winning geoscience professor leading Sydney University’s EarthByte Group, they take on tangible meaning as he investigates Earth’s complex evolution.

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